Multi-column list layout in Firefox needs declaration of height

In CSS3 there is very handy primitive to quickly lay out texts in columnar fashion. However, not all modern browsers support this feature in straightforwardly understandable way, when it comes to laying out unordered lists in columns.

Firefox is the most naughty.

So the code like this:

columns: 4;
-webkit-columns: 4;
-moz-columns: 4;

will not work in Firefox in many cases, until you specify the height explicitly.

This is not stated in Mozilla docs, so please do not waste your time there. I already did that.

Old browsers do not support this feature at all.

How to pass 2FA on Apple TV 3

First, you need to sign out of iCloud on your Apple TV. Then go sign back in using your password. It will fail, but your phone or other pre-authorized box will say someone tried to login, verify, and give you the code. Let’s say your password is “Password1”, and the security code is “123 456”. You need to login into iCloud on the Apple TV with the code “Password1123456”. Hope this helps!

This is a wonderful way to authorize your Apple TV 3rd generation if you enabled two-factor authentication with your Apple ID.

Kudos to Undfeatable1