Visited expo, found the plugin

Yesterday I visited expo. I looked for solutions for my e-mail marketing and event management mess, I am struggling around all the time with permanent success. And I have found some.
Nice guys from elliottyoung were very kind to introduce me to their WP-based event management solution. They spent kinda 6 man-months of development time on it. I was not really much impressed of the admin panel design, but their set does the job, and for the 2000 quid site license can be a bargain for a one-man show events producers and corporate hospitality fans. Heck, it will even work for a larger business.
Of course, you can set up your own framework using BuddyPress and Events Manager for it, write custom post types for your Speakers and Exhibitors, and go on. It will be a pleasant and fruitful exercise, but it will not save you the precious time. So if you are in management business – have a look on elliottyoung’s job. They even have an app for every feature-rich smartphone to use with your events management wordpress-based website.

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