Guilloché in Adobe Illustrator CS6

Guilloché Rosette Feather by JCToday I had a little task of producing an expo Z-flyer for hurrying team, and stumbled upon the necessity of custom bullets in InDesign. The font was not enough and I recalled the ancient bank notes security engraving patterns called guilloché for help.
Indeed, with new opportunities of applying gradients to strokes in Illustrator CS6, why not to try recreate some guilloché-ish rosettes for fancy bullets and apply them to deco text?
This handy tutorial gave me the idea of applying asymmetrical effects to ellipses. So I followed and had fun.
You can do this as well. Apply your patterns to brushes and you can create original “security” engraved prints for yourself. No additional software required. Just for comparison – a paid parametric curve drawing tool can cost you 1500$ per year in licenses.

2 thoughts on “Guilloché in Adobe Illustrator CS6

  1. arbid says:

    J’ai besoin de télécharger gratuitement les guilloche en vectoriel
    quel est le meilleur site?

    • @ommunist says:

      The best way is to make it yourself like I showed in this post. But there are guilloche collections available for sale here and there.

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